North American Hydraulics and S.A.M. Hydraulic introduces the new SH7V axial piston motor

North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) and S.A.M. Hydraulic is proud to introduce the new SH7V axial piston motor specially developed for heavy duty transmissions. SH7V offers displacement options from 3.72 in3 to 9.81 in3 (61 cm3 to 160.8 cm3). The new SH7V offers improved performance with high power capability, superior efficiency at high and low speeds, and a 5 to 1 ratio between the minimum and maximum displacement (1.95 in3/9.81 in3 (32/160 cm3)). The SH7V motor can also operate at zero displacement.

SAE output mounts are available. 

Flushing Valves and various controls are available: 2 position hydraulic control, 2 position electric control and working pressure control.

Please contact North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) at 225-751-0500 for additional information on the SH7V series or Brevini Fluid Power.

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