North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) and Indexator is proud to introduce the new GV12-SAE, part number 5212-208.  The GV12SAE  has 7/8-14 ports in both the lower and upper connections.  All dimensional specifications will remain the same as the GV12SA, part number 5212-076.

GV 12 SAE offers:

  • Unlimited 360 degree rotation
  • 11,240 lbf Max axial load capacity (dynamic)
  • Designed with flow through ports for hydraulic grapplesĀ 
  • Allows for use with swing dampers and links

Applications include: Truck mounted cranes, General cargo handling, Forwarders, and General handling equipment

Please contact North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) at 225-751-0500 for additional information.

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