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North American Hydraulics Introduces GV12-SAE

North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) and Indexator is proud to introduce the new GV12-SAE, part number 5212-208.  The GV12SAE  has 7/8-14 ports in both the lower and upper connections.  All dimensional specifications will remain the same as the GV12SA, part … Continued

Hansa Discontinues Series TPV2000

HANSA-TMP will discontiune manufacturing the TPV2000 series pumps. The TPV 3000 is a solution to the TPV 2000 offering three displacements from 20ccm to 32ccm. Models include TPV 1000,TPV 3000 and TPV 4200 series medium duty pumps for closed loop … Continued

Black Bruin New Internal Freewheel Valve Option

North American Hydraulics and Sampo Hydraulic introduces the new Internal Freewheel Valve for Black Bruin Motors North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) and Black Bruin is proud to introduce optional internal freewheeling valves designed for BB and BBC Series motors. Shifting … Continued